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It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. We had some rain last night (the second time this week), and everything looks happy. Except the birds, because the feeders need refilling again - of course. Mind you, I'm not sure why I'm glad it's Friday, as I'm officially retired, but old habits die hard.

Off to more decluttering - getting rid of old appliance manuals and all sorts of "stuff" that I thought was absolutely essential to keep at the time. One of these days I'll tackle my sewing room, and try to bring some order to my fabric stash. Easy enough, except that I keep finding fabric everywhere else in the house.

And on Saturday we have a filk and TAFF party. Should be fun!

House Cleaning and Stuff

It's another very hot day here, and I'm working hard. For a change.

There are days when I have lots of energy, and this seems to be one of them. Although at the rate I'm losing perspiration, I foresee a couple of large bottles of water in my future.

I'm happy to say that I can now see a little bit more of the floor in my bedroom!

Summer Heat

It's going to be another one of those days. The temperature is expected to hit at least 32 degrees Celsius, with a 40% chance of a thunderstorm. Now, I don't know about you, but I'M REALLY NOT BUILT FOR HEAT! Oh. Sorry. Did I shout?

One of the first things I did when we moved to this house was to arrange for Air Conditioning. And it has been so helpful over the years. There are some days when the heat is so bad I have to just sit somewhere with a fan blowing on me until I feel human again. It would seem that I'm quite prone to heat exhaustion. And pair the heat with the humidity? OMG just put me in a pool of ice until I cool off!

Ah well, it's the morning here still, and there's a bit of a breeze, and the cat is snoring behind me. So it's all good.

How is your day faring?

I'm Back! (Possibly...)

Wow! Has it really been that long since I posted last. That just goes to prove that I don't have much of interest to say. LOL

A Tribute to Love

I jumped at the chance to review Marc Gunn's upcoming new CD "A Tribute to Love" for a couple of reasons: a) I really like the way he plays the autoharp, and b) I strongly dislike love songs :)

That may sound like an odd reason to want to listen to something, but I figured if I liked the songs, it must really be a good CD. (Another indicator is if I start to hum along in harmony...)

"A Tribute to Love" combines songs and instrumentals (my absolute favourite is "Silhouette of Longing Love"). Each one clearly demonstrates Marc's mastery of the autoharp. And not a one of them is soppy sweet! There are a couple of updated old classics, and even a love song to a cat. I found all of the songs to be uplifting and positive. And yes, I was humming along...

Check it out at http://www.marcgunn.com/2007/02/tribute-to-love.shtml

And go buy it from CDBaby in October...

(Did I mention I liked it?)


Appliances, Finishing Stuff

This has been a busy week. My new washer and dryer were delivered today (did I mention I killed 3 appliances last week?). And the baby quilt that I've been working on forever is very nearly completed - and will be delivered on Friday morning. And the week isn't over. On the plus side, I've discovered a "new" author - Jasper Fforde. I'd read very good reviews of his work in the "Sleuth of Baker Street" newsletter - and recommended him to my reading group. We're now all reading "The Eyre Affair" for next month. The discussion should be interesting....
Happy birthday, jhayman from me, technogeek1 and the little furries in the house...

Chloe Update

Well, she had her x-rays today - and they found absolutely nothing! So, all we can think of is that she finally lost some weight due to her advanced age (yeah, right - she's only 11), and then when she was able to move more easily, she lost some more. But we're still keeping an eye on her ;-)

Oct. 8th, 2006

Picked up from tnatj:

LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I knew I was special ;-)


Today the tree people came and cut down the poplars. One of them was taller than the house. A black squirrel had been chased up the tree by a cat, and when strangers came with chainsaws, it decided to climb higher. After realizing there was no where else to go, it launched itself towards the maple, sailed right through the branches, landed in the middle of the lawn, and promptly ran away. I think it was unhurt, as two black squirrels came back in the afternoon (and there aren't that many of them around here). The corner of the yard seems empty, but hopefully our maple tree will survive and thrive now. (Of course, a thick layer of mulch covering the root system should help too.)